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12 Facts All Digital Marketers Need To Know About Video

imagesInteractive videos have taken over the world of digital marketing lately. The numbers provided in this article contain surprising disclosures about the vertical videos, long form mobile spots and local business purchasing Twitter ads.

  1. According to an analysis carried out by FreeWheel, Q1 2015 statistics, it has been seen that achievement rates of mobile video ads are remarkable throughout the globe. As consumers have turned to their smartphones for entertainment and other aspects of life, video ads have created a strong influence. According to the report, more customers view interactive ads to the end. However, the best completion rates are achieved by Long-form clips that exceed 20 minutes. They hold the best completion rate of 92 percent on an average.
  2. Vertical videos are way more fruitful than conventional horizontal ones. According to Snapchat, one of the top tech companies, ads that are shot vertically are the best performers on smartphones. Vertical ads are being viewed by consumers nine times compared to those ads that are shot horizontally.
  3. According to Google’s earnings report from last week, the Menlo Park, California – based tech colossal, the number of YouTube video advertisers has risen by 45 percent last year.
  4. According to the first quarter earnings report of Facebook, the social media had 4 billion video views daily. Almost 75 percent of those videos were watched on mobile phones alone.
  5. According to a statement of DigiDay, PopSugar (an online publisher) had around 14.3 million video views. These views were recorded on Facebook alone in March.
  6. According to the Interactive advertising Bureau’s report from last week, online video hit $3.3 billion in 2014. It accounts to a massive 17 percent increase over the last few years.
  7. Michael Klein, EVP of content programming and strategy at Conde Nast, claims that they have done more than 135 series till date and have worked with diverse content creators. According to him, digital spots have become a craze among most marketers today.
  8. The use of top notch devices such as connected TVs is growing gradually, according to a statement made by FreeWheel. The statement also suggests that video ad views on connected TVs and likewise devices have increased by an astounding 380 percent over the last year.
  9. Now, let’s take a look at some of the non-video statistics. According to a survey carried out by BIA/Kelsey, 18.3 percent of respondents agree to have used social media marketing while 9.5 percent of local companies have purchased a Twitter ad as a medium of digital marketing.

10.  According to AOL Homepage internal research, 69 percent of its users say they want to be fed with sports content. The Web Company also claims that their view pages on AOL.com have increased by 224 percent over last year and that unique visitors have increased by 18 percent over a month.

11.  According to a study by IAB, the digital marketing space has grown by 16 percent over the last year that totaled to about $49.5 billion sales. Escalating mobile space is the key driver of this massive growth that has increased from $7.1 billion in 2013 to $12.5 billion in 2014.

12.  Skyjet’s requests for quotes have increased to 93 percent from last year, heightening mobile conversations by 177 percent.

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