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3 Inbound Marketing Techniques To Improve Landing Page Conversions

inbound-marketingInbound marketers are completely dependent on the quality of the content they have at hand. While content is necessary in drawing the traffic in with lead generation through blogs, e-books, white pages and landing page, the aspect of inbound marketing and the implementation of its techniques is often overlooked.

So how can inbound marketing help you improve the performance metrics? Simply put, when looking to improve the conversions from the landing page, think about the content that the viewers would find useful and interesting. When you continue to provide the viewers with the content and information they are searching for, the leads from your landing page will soon increase as well.

  1. Make Use Of Origin Specific Copy

The first element that you must focus on is the origin specific copy of the text on the landing page. With a landing page copy that records the origin of the viewers, you can drive an increased number of leads. With the use of the same language, call to action, email and advertisement on the landing page, you can let the viewers know they are on the right page. By keeping the continuity between the landing page and the asset, you are informing the visitor that they are at the right place. This helps them stay focused on the landing page content you want them to read, compelling them to become leads.

  1. Use The Persona Of The Buyer To Optimize The Landing Page

People want to end up on a landing page which is of interest to them and where the content deals with their subject of interest. Hence, the content on the landing page must be tailored to provide the buyer exactly what they want. An important strategy in inbound marketing is to understand the pain point of the prospective customers, their valuable aspects, their goals and motives as well as the requirements they have that your product or service can cater to. By using these aspects, you can create an intriguing content page that helps the customer realize that you are aware of their problems and have the solution to it. By communicating through the landing pages, the conversion rates are significantly increased.

  1. Use The Persona Of The Buyer To Optimize Forms

A form construction that is in relation to the persona of the buyer is all about creating a form which has just the right number of fields that the visitor would be interested in filling up. By asking questions about their demographic information, job level and shopping experience, you can find out about the buyer’s personality without affecting the conversion rate. If you are attracting low level employees, they will be fine filling up short forms, but savvy visitors will take out the time to answer all the minute details in a long form. Just keep the visitor comfortable so that you don’t face elevated bounce rates and fewer leads.

Final Words

Inbound marketing is implemented to use landing pages as a catching net to convert the maximum number of visitors into leads. The design of the landing page also depends on the attractive layout and design, which should be taken care of the developers and designers. The job of the inbound marketer is to put the sweet icing on the cake with attractive content, to make the visitor covert into a quality lead.