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4 Elements of Modern Web Design

shutterstock_209516089 (1)Web design, like the fashion industry, continually changes. Modern Web design takes several different throwback ideas while integrating it into current trends, leaving a very clean, unique and updated look over previous website designs. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of Web design and make sure your website stands out above the competition, here are four elements of modern Web design you need to incorporate into your own site.


Bland is boring. Using the standard, same old text just does not offer your website the clean, updated look you want. Slight alterations to text bring in interest and level of freshness you simply are not able to obtain with the standard Times New Roman, Arial or other fonts. With tens of thousands of free fonts available online, finding a clean, unique and large typography isn’t difficult, yet bringing in the new font can help breathe that breathe of fresh air you’ve been looking for.

Large Hero Image

The concept of “above the fold” has been around for over a century. During the time of newspapers, all the most important information on the front page went above the newspaper fold. This term continued on in the digital age, where the most important information is placed above the bottom of the screen, when someone needs to scroll down. Using a large hero image does away with this entirely. What is a hero image? It is a single, interesting image that draws eyes directly to the middle of the page, where your large, clean, typography is located. A hero image doesn’t mean super hero though. Instead, think of it as a hero’s uniform. It contains a single symbol or image in the middle of the outfit. A hero image might have a single sunrise over the ocean, a lighthouse with its beam of light shining at the viewer or something similar. This combination adds interest, excellent color and still keeps it clean and vibrant.

Consider Background Videos

This is something you can test out instead of a hero image. Depending on the services you provide, you might find a background video works better for your needs. The background video is content that takes up the entire page, similar to an image, but it plays. It adds a more fluid look to the website, and if you’re selling a product (like clothing) or a service (such as a hair salon) you can show it in action and moving in the background. Now, you need to test out this method to make sure your website still loads smoothing and quickly, otherwise you’ll take an SEO hit. However, it is a great alternative to the large hero image and it still works well with the clean typography.

Flat Design

Gone are the elongated shadows and 3D images. Now, everything is flat. By reducing shadows you bring in clean, crisp lines into the website, which clearly identifies information. Always remember, in modern Web design, clean, simple and elegant are all currently extremely popular.