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5 Golden Tips to Help Improve PPC Campaigns for Small Businesses

shutterstock_307085294Improving your PPC campaign efficiency is important in order to maintain a positive return on investment for your internet marketing efforts. Businesses need to be constantly looking at how to make adjustments in order to keep things fresh, not doing so can mean a campaign might start getting stale, resulting in a net loss. These five tips should help small businesses run a PPC more effectively without costing a lot to implement.



1. Constantly test new ad copies.

The words that work today may not work as well tomorrow, and they might not work at all next week. By devoting a small amount of your budget to testing ad copies you can figure out what works best in order to start scaling it.

2. Properly position the gateway to your desired event on your landing page.

Too many landing pages make it difficult for a visitor to make a purchase, enter their information, or make a phone call. Making the actionable element the first thing people see when they get to your page encourages them to perform the action. You can still have it below content as well, but having it in two places will only help your conversion rate.

3. Make bidding adjustments at least on a semi-weekly basis.

Markets change quickly on the major PPC platforms. Some people might tell you to adjust your bids daily, which is not a bad idea, but if you are bidding on hundreds of keywords, it can get very tedious. Adjusting your bids twice a week will prevent you from losing too much money in the event your visitors are not converting at the rate you want them to be.

4. Read your analytic profile for clues.

Whether you use Google Analytics or another website statistical backend, you should take a look at it regularly to get a good idea about where your conversions are coming from, and when they occur. Shifting your PPC strategy to focus more on the time of day when your highest converting demographic is online can help improve sales and leads.

5. Test out different landing pages.

Like your ad copies, your landing pages should be tested regularly. This is often a much more technical challenge than switching up a few words on a PPC platform, but it can lead to a lot more money for you and your business if you happen to find a landing page that works very well. Even a small bump in your conversion rate attributed to a landing page test is usually more than worth the trouble of making different pages.

Putting these concepts into practice should help your business see better returns on PPC campaigns. While one small thing by itself may not do a lot for your bottom line, making a number of small adjustments can quickly add up to a positive result.