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Five Main Characteristics to Search for in An SEO Expert

shutterstock_242895121When it comes to SEO, any old service will not suffice. There is a stark difference between SEO aficionados and those who are merely skating by with comparably superficial knowledge. Here’s exactly what to look for when vetting potential SEO specialists.

An Appetite for Knowledge

Your SEO specialist should have an insatiable hunger for information, strategies and general learning. The Internet is incredibly dynamic in nature. It is constantly changing with the addition of new technologies, revised algorithms, the debut of new web-connected mobile devices and so on. The best SEO specialists are more than willing to keep up with the changes. They crave such changes. Look for someone who is a “knowledge sponge”. An individual or team of SEO gurus who are genuinely intellectually curious will pay off in the long run as the web continues to evolve.


Elite SEO specialists should understand that their clients and other individuals that they’ll have to work with are not always on the same technical level as themselves. Those who are patient and willing to communicate in layman’s terms are the best in the business. Patience is necessary in the sense that SEO strategies will take some time to make an impact on page rankings. Those who cut the cord too early will only be sabotaging themselves and their clients. Furthermore, patience is critically important in the context of business relationships. As an example, an SEO guru with abundant technical knowledge who does not have the patience to wait for an e-mail reply will prove quite difficult to work with.

Communication Skills

Though SEO certainly involves plenty of screen-time, SEO specialists must be able to communicate with clients, graphic designers, webmasters, IT administrators and beyond. Yet merely rattling off e-mails will not suffice. Phone and face-to-face communications must occur in an efficient and cogent manner. The bottom line is that SEO work does not occur in a vacuum. Interaction with others across a variety of mediums is essential to SEO success.


There is no “one size fits all” SEO solution. Rather, SEO is all about diverse and complex solutions with deep nuances. The SEO solutions that work for one client might not work as well for the next. SEO specialists who are willing to solve clients’ SEO challenges in a creative manner are the ones who truly earn their keep. Creativity is especially important when clients present seemingly impossible challenges. SEO experts who lack an irreverence for convention will likely fail to solve these difficult problems while those who think outside of the box will innovate until meaningful progress is achieved.

A Determined Problem Solver

SEO is a highly competitive and challenging field. SEO experts should embrace problems rather than run from them. This means they should have a willingness to perform extensive research and conduct numerous trial-and-error experiments in order to overcome any difficulties that might arise. Those who view obstacles as temporary challenges that can be surmounted with hard work and intelligence will perform the best across posterity.