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How Effective Is Retargeting? Paid Search Beyond Google

remarketing2Retargeting is a paid search marketing approach which mainly entails targeting web users who had previously visited a particular website with banner ads on various display networks across the internet. Therefore, it enables the advertiser to target users who already have an experience with the brand you are marketing since they had already visited your website.

How is the retargeting traffic tracked?

Retargeting pixels are placed on certain sections of the website or across the entire website. Therefore, when visitors visit pages where you have placed the pixels, they are added to the audience. This audience is automatically cookied and as these consumers visit other websites in the display networks where you are running the retargeting ads, your ads are displayed. The success retargeting campaigns is greatly affected by the size of the audience and it is better to have a larger group of qualified past visitors.

Moreover, if a person in the qualified audience converts, they are simply taken out of the audience when the “burn pixel” fires. You can also add different pixels in case you wish to show your converting customers different ads. Since you can also control the websites that display your ads, you enjoy some control especially around the visitors who see your ads and those who don’t.

How is retargeting measured?

Retargeting gives credit to both view-through and click-through conversions. Therefore, the agency reports both conversions, as well as the total, and you are free to choose your preferred performance formula.

How is retargeting used?

You can get a lot of conversions by simply getting previous visitors to return to your website and retargeting is highly effective at every stage of the buying funnel. This can be achieved by displaying different ads at different stages of the funnel. These stages include; the awareness, interest, evaluation, decision and the purchase stage. Therefore, retargeting is a highly effective way of targeting users at a specific time with a specific message. Although this might appear to be quite simple, there are a few challenges that must be kept in mind;

  1. Retargeting is a unique marketing channel

Retargeting requires custom landing pages, unique banner ads, and constant optimization. Just like any other marketing opportunity, retargeting requires a lot of research, learning, building out and measuring in order to avoid wasting your time and resources.

  1. You can add some creativity to your banner ads

Banner ads that are quirky, humorous or personal have a very big potential on retargeting. Therefore, your banners should capture the attention of your visitors and trigger memory of their previous visits. You should take this opportunity to reach out to the visitors and tell your story to visitors who will continue interacting with your website.

  1. Avoid too much retargeting because it might work against you

It is ideal for users to see between 7 and 12 ads within 30 days; however, when visitors see your ads every time it might have a negative effect. It is vital to differentiate between bombarding users with your ads and targeting them.

  1. Retargeting requires commitment

Besides requiring a lot of attention, retargeting requires patience because the growing audience works to your benefit. Therefore, it is important to understand that it might take a few months to start enjoying the benefits of your retargeting efforts.

The entire marketing team is thrilled to play around with the entire concept of retargeting in order to see how creative the landing pages and ad buys can get.