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  • Creates more qualified & targeted opportunities.
  • Uses the power of analytics to create content that matters to your customers.
  • Builds a digital relationship between business and consumer
  • Easily adaptable as metrics  reflect actionable results.


Denver Advertising

What is inbound marketing?

There is no doubt that the digital world has revolutionized the way businesses and consumers interact with one another.  It was once sufficient for businesses to rely on traditional outbound marketing techniques like purchasing email lists and ads, hoping they transform into viable leads.  However, in today’s ever evolving digital landscape these old methods simply do not cut it.  As consumers continue to become more savvy, businesses need to find innovative ways to reach and engage them.  By focusing your efforts on inbound marketing you business will create content specifically tailored to appeal to your target audience, attracting qualified prospects.  Inbound marketing works to align your content with the interest of your customer base, naturally attracting traffic that easily converts into sales. 

What does inbound marketing involve?

At Denver Marketing, our talented and experience inbound marketing team understands that inbound marketing is about creating and sharing content to engage with our client’s customer base.  We understand how important it is that your marketing efforts are relevant and helpful to your customers, not interruptive.  Our inbound marketing experts know how important it is to publish the right content at the right time in the right place.  At Denver Marketing, our inbound marketing efforts encompass the importance of the four marketing actions, Attract, Convert, Close, Delight. 


One of the most challenging aspects of a successful marketing campaign is capturing the attention of consumers and keeping it.  While it is true the traditional outbound marketing techniques used by so many firms does help increase traffic, these old methods do not always increase the right traffic. At Denver Marketing, our experts want to attract quality leads that are most likely to convert into actual, loyal customers.  SEO, blogging,  and social publishing are just some of the important tools our inbound marketing experts use to attract the right users to your site.  


After we have attracted qualified visitors to your site, our next step is to convert those visitors into leads.    At Denver Marketing, our team understand s that in the marketing industry the most valuable currency is contact information.  Whether it is a Call-to-Action link or a form, business have many different ways to capture contact information from visitors.  However, many visitors complain about being bombarded by forms and pop up windows.  So, how do you capture such vital information for the visitor willingly? The key to capturing people’s personal information is to offer them something valuable in return.  From whitepapers to eBooks to tip sheets, our inbound marketing experts take care to understand what your customers want and develop content to match those needs.  Once we have determined what kind of content best service your audience, we will implement a variety of tools designed to capture visitors information in a quick and easy format.


Perhaps the most difficult, but the most important element of a successful inbound marketing campaign is transforming a conversion into a close. At Denver Marketing, we know exactly which tools are best suited to guarantee success.  Keep track of client details and track their progress though the pipeline with tools like our CRM, closed-loop reporting, and marketing automation. 


At Denver Marketing, we understand the process does not stop once a deal is closed.   We believe businesses should continue to engage and share with their customers.  By using tools like social monitoring, smart text , surveys and smart Calls-To-Action, we believe business can keep their current customer base  happy and wanting more!

A comprehensive  inbound marketing strategy is an essential part of any well rounded marketing initiative.  Do not leave your business in the hands of a marketing firm who is stuck in outbound marketing, give it to a company that is on the cutting edge, ready to take your business to the next level.   Invest in your future online success by choosing an innovative, professional, inbound marketing campaign by the experts at Denver Marketing.