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Paid Search Marketing: What Not to Do As a PPC Beginner?

shutterstock_235859221So you’ve come across a PPC program that is highly rated across many review sites and decide to use it to boost your business productivity. You register on the platform, create a budget, set up a campaign, and then the anxious wait starts.

It has been over four weeks since you joined the program when you realize something must be terribly wrong. Either your website is not getting hits or not even a small percentage of the hits you get convert into sales. It’s not that the program doesn’t work; it’s just something that you’ve missed. Well, you are a beginner at PPC advertising, and you have probably made the following mistakes:

Poor keyword targeting

The keywords you choose for your campaign must relate to those who are searching for that particular product. Most beginners go for a broad range of keywords which eventually attract irrelevant clicks. Remember that in PPC you will pay for every click, whether relevant or not. Therefore, it is better to get few clicks from potential customers than plenty of clicks from everyone.

Always consider long tail keywords since they are not highly competitive and are mostly from clients who want nothing else but the product. This means that they are more likely to convert than the other keywords.

Failing to optimize for mobile

When setting up campaigns, most beginners tend to ignore traffic from mobile devices completely. In this day and age, where mobile internet usage has surpassed that of fixed devices, if there is anything you shouldn’t ignore is mobile traffic. In fact, mobile users are more likely to convert than desktop users.

When creating the advertisement units, make them as mobile friendly as possible to boost your campaign to the mobile audience.

Ignoring quality score

Quality score is a powerful metric that can help you get more conversions at a fair cost. Those who ignore and criticize it have only failed to take full advantage of the metric. A low cost per click normally translates to a low cost per conversion and an average quality score will help you determine your rankings and the cost per click. Therefore, it affects the overall cost of the campaign in a major way.

Poor landing pages

Setting up ads with good keywords isn’t enough. You also want to ensure that your website pages communicate directly to the potential customers, showing them what is available and why they should get it. A huge percentage of PPC managers fail at this point since they tend to have a static landing page for all keywords. Some them even end up setting the homepage to be a landing page which has a negative effect on the entire campaign. Therefore, you need to create good dynamic landing pages to decrease the bounce rates and make your PPC campaign successful.

These are just some of the common mistakes that PPC beginners often make. If you haven’t committed these mistakes but your PPC campaign doesn’t work as expected, consider contacting a professional.