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Reach Your Ideal Client With PPC

shutterstock_284976431No matter what industry you are working in, using PPC can be a costly venture. Figuring out how to target the ideal client is the best way to utilize your marketing budget and ensure conversions. If your PPC ads are too broad or general, you may be spending money on clicks from people outside of your market or target demographic who will never turn into paying customers.

Time Your Ads

Google Adwords provides you with detailed options that narrow down the time windows when your ads are being broadcast. This is a useful tool that can help you save your PPC money by only pushing your ads during normal business hours, or during the times when people are most likely to be searching for your products. For instance, people typically search for coffee shops in the morning and five star restaurants in the evening, not the other way around. Allowing your ads to run all day and all night could be a waste if you are not actually available to answer customer calls at all times.

Be Geospecific

In addition to limiting the time windows that your ads are displayed, you also have the option to limit the geographic areas that can see your ads. If you have a fully functional website that allows for customers to purchase and ship items anywhere in the world, this may be less of an issue, but if you are a service provider or a small scale manufacturer that only delivers locally, you don’t want to be pushing your ads to places you can’t deliver. Not to mention regional differences in tastes and trends can have an impact on how well your brand does in different areas, so you should be narrowing down your target to the most relevant areas.

Use Analytics

If you are just beginning your PPC campaign, you may have started out with a list of several generalized search terms that apply to your company. However, over time you should be able to use data and analysis to move toward more specific keyword terms. This may include using brand names, specific product identifiers, detailed service information or other terms that narrow down what customers are shopping for. There is a big difference between using “lawn mowers” and “Craftsman self-propelled mowers”. Don’t be afraid to focus in on specific terms because you will be exchanging more clicks for more conversions in the end. Your ongoing analytics and query reviews should point you in the direction of the most profitable keyword combinations.

Finding the ideal candidate for your PPC ads is a combination of knowing where your customers are located, what they are looking for and when they need it. Google Adwords and other PPC service providers give you the opportunity to set the parameters that you are working with from the very beginning to ensure that you are reaching the target audience effectively without wasting time and money.