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  • First Page Exposure: 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. SEM or Paid Search always appears in the top spots on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Immediate Results:  A PPC campaign can be set up in less than a hour, immediately appearing in the sponsored results.
  • Easy To Track: With SEM every ad, keyword and penny spent can be tracked, providing businesses with a more accurate ROI.

What Is SEM Or Paid Search

Search engine marketing, or as it is commonly referred to as, Paid Search is a scalable and inexpensive form of web marketing designed to connect your ads with searchers actively seeking your products or services. The online marketing world continues to grow and evolve each day, making it increasingly difficult for many businesses to remain at the top of their game. For those business looking to reap immediate benefits, the most efficient marketing strategy for their spend is Pay-Per Click, or PPC. At Denver Marketing, our SEM experts know exactly what it takes to create a successful PPC campaign.

our in-depth strategy brings results

Carefully designed to reflect the clients business goals, our PPC campaigns deliver measurable results on key business metrics. Unlike SEO, where you can wait months to appear organically for top search terms, PPC places your business at the top of all 3 major search engines for your most relevant keywords. Our Paid Search experts are dedicated to bringing new customers to your business quickly.

the importance of working with a reputable SEM firm

Everyday there seems to be a new digital marketing firm that claims to provide SEM services. However, many of these businesses do not have the expertise to properly execute a successful SEM campaigns.

At Denver Marketing , our PPC management experts work to match the most relevant keywords for your target audience with your marketing budgets. Based on our proven PPC management strategies, we create smart, creative ads designed to attract traffic to your site. Powered by Google Adwords, Denver Marketing provides businesses both large and small with effective and unique PPC campaigns guaranteed to have a high ROI. Dedicated to getting the most out of your ad spend, our PPC experts treat every dollar of ad spend as if is coming from our own pocket

What forms of paid search do we offer?

Pay Per Click Advertising- Our PPC Mangement team designs and tunes campaigns to reduce your average cost-per-click (CPC), increase conversions and reduce wasted spend significantly.

Display & Banner Advertising- A powerful and brilliant visual way to promote your business online, this advanced targeting technique allows businesses to reach consumers on relevant websites.

Re-Marketing Services- Incredible effective, this method of PPC targets consumers who have already visited your website.

Video Advertising- Show your videos before people watch a related video on YouTube as well as promote your video during a search for related content.


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