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imgresMany things are taking place in the world of technology today and if you don’t keep up you will be left behind. This evident from what took place on the internet in the previous week. We have outlined some of the most interesting things you may not have heard about.

To begin with, the unboxing craze seems to have taken over Youtube. For instance, when you look at Evan of EvanTubeHD, a cherubic tyke with potential to open new toys and play with them, after being around for a short while do you know that Evan has attracted over 1.5 million subscribers? Despite the idea of marketing to other children via the online means receiving criticisms, more and more kids keep on joining others in the subscription.

Have heard about Uberfacts? Its proprietor Kris Sanchez alleges that he makes close to $ 5000, 000 million every year through the sponsorships undertaken via their twitter account. This may be possible now that their twitter account has over 10.8 million followers. The other news that has reached our desk is that the Kellogg seems to have made a fortune from his Pandora ads and specifically with the mobile promos. Just like other digital marketing platforms that you may come across, Pandora is all about data collection. For your information, the Pandora log in is no different from the Nielsen Catalina solutions data generated from the sales made each year.
On Friday, the users of periscope shared live streams on their twitter accounts with only few years gone when the app earned itself popularity. Although we do not have data now but in the course of the week, we are going to have more. Similarly, youtube came up with a new shopping button that you will definitely fall in love with. In Cuba, many hosts have joined and created listings with Airbnb. In fact, the country has become more popular ion this website as compared to both Rio De Janeiro and Buenos Aires. With this taking place, Mondelez intends to convert digital media in about 25 countries to come up with shopping ads. This means that with the buy now buttons, you can drive huge sales through excellent retailers like Walmart and the Amazon.

The K- swiss brand has earned recognition as the most loved brand by Kiks audience. The users can now enjoy the sneakers videos with over 55 percent of viewers from the different parts of the globe showing willingness to purchase this brand as per the information released by the company. With that story on aside, do you know that you can save up to four dollars of your hard earned income by shopping for Zedds latest album on Tinder instead of buying on Itunes, next time check it out. On may 18, the president of the United States of America joined twitter with handle @ POTUS and before the week ended, he had over 2.3 million followers, I think this was among the most interesting things that took place in digital marketing and if there is any other then we are yet to hear about it