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What The Future Holds For Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing is all about driving traffic to a website. This can happen by focusing on quality contents that makes people veer towards a product. This is diametrically opposite to the old school of thought where the focus was on buying advertisements and hoping to generate leads out of them. This can be compared to the conventional sales personnel who are oriented more towards outbound marketing. Having said this, there is no denying the fact that sales personnel are very important and together with inbound marketing they can play a very important role and help the product or service reach its full potential.

With the market becoming competitive and veering towards digital marketing, there is no doubt that investment in inbound marketing will over a period of time lead to quality and sustainable sales lead which may not be easily replicable through cold calling or outbound sales initiatives and programs.

There is no doubt that many customers would be willing to go back to the old days where salesmen were considered the most trustworthy option for buying of products and services. However this may no longer be the case because of changing buying habits and behavior. The term Prmortem buyer’s remorse is worth being mentioned here. This term is all about is the fear on the part of customers that at the end of the day they will regret purchasing a product or service before it is actually done. Hence, they would like to have more reassurance and clarity before taking the next step.

Modern customers would like to have a feeling that they have taken a buying decision based on their own efforts and their decision is not ‘influenced’ in any manner whatsoever. They feel more comfortable buying a product or service with the help of their own due diligence process rather than being persuaded to do so.

Hence if companies can make the customer feel that he or she is buying a product based on their own research it certainly will have a more positive outlook. Further the expectation level is likely to be more aligned with that of the customer through such experience. Hence digital marketers try and make effective use of buyer’s remorse and try to reassure customers by feeding them with valuable and factual information that could help them to make a positive buying decision.

This method of bringing in customers could work out better because today’s customers use the web more than ever before when it comes to seeking information and getting knowledge. According to statistics it is likely that 61 percent of consumers are likely to buy a product or service from a company that helps them with custom content.